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"We are the United Church of God, Florida

Standing tall in the liberty

Wherewith Christ has made us free

With unity and dignity

We'll move on to victory"

In Loving Memory

National Mother Mary L. Williams, a priceless jewel, more precious than silver or gold.  She was an anointed vessel of God who touched the lives of men, women, children.

A woman of much wisdom, integrity, and strength, she was a great counselor, intercessor, and true example of a moderate, yet beautiful woman of God.  We say with an understanding that she "abided in Christ" and "Christ abided in her" by the example she portrayed.

We honor God with words of thanks for having had a unique and special woman of God in our presence.  We had an immeasurable blessing from God for having placed a woman of such great character to lead and direct the women in the way we should live.

We give thanks to Bishop J. L. Williams for sharing her with us; for we are truly blessed to have had such a precious jewel.

You are truly missed,

The United Church of God, Florida Family

Unity, Strength, Love
United Church of God, Florida
1151 NW 27 Avenue | Fort Lauderdale, Florida 33311 | PH: 954-587-3653