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We are the United Church of God, Florida

Standing tall in the liberty

Wherewith Christ has made us free

With unity and dignity

We'll move on to victory


General Offices

Bishop J. L. Williams, General Overseer

Missionary Selesteen Roberts, State Mother

Evangelist D. A. Mosley, General Secretary


Bishop J. L. Williams, Holy Tabernacle

Pastor Jesse Roberts, Greater Love

Pastor Clyde Stokes, New Saint Barnabus

Pastor Ralph Ponder, Lee Memorial

Pastor Cedric Wright, True Deliverance

Board of Directors

Pastor Ralph Ponder, Chairman

Pastor Jesse Roberts, Member

Board of Trustees

Missionary Department

Evangelist D. A. Mosley, President

Evangelist Dorothy Robinson, Vice President

Missionary Janice Jeff, Secretary

Young People Holiness Association (Y.P.H.A.)

Evangelist Sherrie Thomas, President

Brother Demetrius Lee, Vice President

Sister Wanda Wright, Assistant Secretary

Usher Department

Missionary Inez Ponder, President

Mother Mary A. Williams, Vice President

Sister Patricia Rogers, Secretary

Sister Tarshona Charlton, Assistant Secretary

Mass Choir

Sister Avis Purcell, President

Deacon Leroy Smith, Vice President

Sister Tijuana Lee, Directress